Golarion’s Strongest Person

I made a thread on the facebook group for PFS about how high one could get their Lift Over Head weight, and I thought I’d take a crack at it myself here. For posterity, here are the rules:

1. All character options must be PFS legal.

2. Gear can total up to 900k gold.

3. Any active spell effects must come from you, no getting buffed by party members, spellcasting services, scrolls, wands, or potions. Wondrous items (like, say, Muleback cords) are legal, even if they have limited durations.

4. Polymorph effects are not allowed, from any source.

5. Pets of any kind cannot assist.

Okay, so at level 1 we spend 17 attribute points to get to 18, a +2 racial from Half-Orc gets us to 20, the protege boon from Eyes of the Ten gets us to 22, there is a thassilonian tattoo boon to get us to 24, we take the Muscle of Society trait to get to an effective 26 and call that a good start. With gold there are some obvious choices: muleback cords get us to an effective 34, the MW backback takes us to an effective 35, a +6 STR belt gets us to 41, and a wish or tome can get us to 46. As we level up (regardless of class) we will also get another 5, so we’re at a 51. I think the optimal main class is the alchemist (with the Ragechemist archetype), with 16 levels to get a full +10 alchemical bonus to STR from a mutagen and arrive at 61. The remaining four levels should be a dip into any rage granting class to get to 65 through rage (though alchemists can also just make Rage extracts). One could instead (and this is a little tricksy/may not obey rule 5) take 3 levels of Holy Tactician Paladin and a single level of Skald. That would let you grant, say, a tumour familiar and yourself a +6 morale bonus to STR to get to 67. Finally, the alchemist takes an extract of enlarge person (+2 size bonus to STR) and one of ant haul (an effective +8). This takes our effective STR to 77, and our lift load doubles from being Large sized, which is the same as saying our effective STR is 5 higher at 82.

An Overhead Press is just one’s maximum encumbrance, which at 22 is 520 lbs. Every ten multiples by 4, so 520 * 4^6 = 2,129,920 lbs. That is approximately 1,065 tons. This guy could Overhead Press 7 adult blue whales and a WWII tank.

Without boons or the (admittedly cheesy) Amplified Rage, we only get to an effective STR of 76. This is still 942,080 lbs. Only 3 blue whales and a schoolbus.


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